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Stop mobbing suisse anti aging, Trauma-Psihologic 259


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    By: From the editors With a new therapeutic product, researchers have managed to cure arthritis in mice for the first time. The scientists are now planning to test the efficacy of the drug in humans.

    stop mobbing suisse anti aging

    Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation of multiple joints, such as the knee joint, as shown here. Photo: istock.

    stop mobbing suisse anti aging

    The joint capsule becomes swollen, and the disease can also destroy cartilage and bone as it progresses. Rheumatoid arthritis affects 0.

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    Up to this point, doctors have used various drugs to slow or stop the progression of the disease. But now, ETH Zurich researchers have developed a therapy that takes the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in mice to a new level: after receiving the medication, researchers consider the animals to be fully cured.

    The drug is a biotechnologically produced active substance consisting of two fused components.

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    ETH scientists have coupled an antibody to IL-4 that, based on the key-lock principle, binds to a form of a protein that is found only in inflamed tissue in certain diseases and in tumour tissue.

    They used a mouse model in which the animals developed swollen, inflamed toes and paws within a few days. Among other things, the researchers studied the fusion molecule in combination with dexamethasone, a cortisone-like anti-inflammatory drug that is already used to treat rheumatoid stop mobbing suisse anti aging in humans.

    stop mobbing suisse anti aging

    The researchers started treating each mouse as soon as they began showing signs of the disease in the form of swollen extremities. Clinical trials in the next year When used separately, the new fusion molecule and dexamethasone managed only to slow the progression of the disease in the affected animals.

    In contrast, the typical signs of arthritis, such as swollen toes and paws, disappeared completely within a few days when both medications were administered at the same time. Concentrations of a whole range of immune messengers in blood and inflamed tissue, which are changed in rheumatoid arthritis, returned to their normal levels. Based on the promising results from the animal model, Philochem is currently preparing to test the new drug in clinical trials on people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

    stop mobbing suisse anti aging

    According to the researchers, these tests will begin in the next year. PNAS, online publication 4 Augustdoi:

    stop mobbing suisse anti aging