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Revizuiește cele mai bune creme anti-îmbătrânire about alteration degree of weathered deposits is offered by proportion of Al and Si. If this proportion is reduced, that means a strong alteration of the materials.

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The results obtained using the benchmark mineral method shows low and medium alteration stages of the rocks and weathered materials. Relative methods allowed the evaluation of the degree of weathering by using indices that highlight the ratio between stable oxides and those less stable from weathered deposits. The calculation was made for many samples and the results obtained indicate again low and medium values of alteration for rocks and weathered materials.

These values characterize mountain areas where the alteration products are continuously evacuated from the weathering system. Therefore, the occurrence of intense altered deposits is rare, while low and medium weathered deposits are dominant.

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Berindei, I. Bland, W. Chittleborough, D. Krauskopf, K. Săndulescu, M. Smith, B. Morphology, Archaeology and Topography. Porolissum, the northest Roman city of Dacia, that derives its name from the Dacian settlement of Porolisson, was built mainly on Pomet hill, close to Moigrad village. It comprised the large amphiteatrum castrense, access gates, temples of different Gods, an aerial aqueduct coming from Meseş, a large necropolis, therms, a series of other public and private buildings and auxiliary fortresses.

The Roman road that went along the north-western border of Dacia Porolissensis, that started at Bologa and ended at Porolissum, was of great importance in the area, being used even in the 19 th century. Keywords: Geosite, Roman roads, cartography, archaeological topography, morphology, territorial characteristics, construction.

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The Roman settlement of Porolissum is to be found on the teritorry of villages of Moigrad commune ski last minute suisse anti aging MirşidBrebi, Viile Jacului, Jac commune of Creaca and of suburban settlement of Ortelec falling in the administration of Zalău municipalityfollowing the morpho-tectonic contact between Meseş Mountains and Almaş-Agrij Depression. From the point of view of petrography, the morpho-tectonic contact separates the magma rocks of Pomet mCitera and Corniştea m — Moigrad Tectonic aspects are defined by Parameseş Fault, which outlines to the west the contact with the tectonic basin of Şimleu, while the Fault of Moigrad, defines the eastern limit, separating the area from the Transylvanian Basin by Agrij and Almaş depressions.

The valley of Ortelec overlies on a graben area, called the Meseş Gate Poarta Meseşeanăwhich defines the northern limit of the Meseş mountains, while the valleys of Pomet, Jac and Lunca Brazilor, represent the hydrographic limit, bordering the Roman settlement of Porolissum.


The wide opening of Agrij Depression favours the presence of climatic characteristics which are specific to high hills and plateaus. They define a complex topoclimate in the geographical porolissensis area, with a slight local influence on the regime of climatic elements, as a result of the sheltered position given by the presence of Meseş Mountains a slight föehn effect appears.

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The altitudes in the interfluvial area exceed mthat being more specifically the case of Moigrad — Pomăt BisericuŃa Peak, m — Citera interfluve, Moigrad knoll having an absolute altitude of9 m. The average altitude of Agrij Depression is m. Terraces have appropriate features in terms of tectonic and neo-tectonic stability, hydro-geological resources, favourableness in designing extended rural settlements and of clear opening to the neighbouring areas, allowing them to be monitored and observed, thus recommending themselves as appropriate to developing communal activities urbanistic, agriculture, tourism and transport.

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Most of the buildings of Porolissum settlement, both civil and military, are concentrated in the interfluvial area of Pomet, that covers an area of over ha. The quasi-horizontal levelling surfaces of Pomet or Citera favoured the settlement of large buildings, such as the amphitheatre, the Roman custom, and houses for about 25 soldiers and civilians.

The geosite and geoarchaeological site of Porolissum — set-up and structure. It developed primarily along the Roman road that crossed the settlement and passed by the praetoria gate of the large Pomet camp. The southern limit of the city was set around the Roman customs area, m south-west of the camp, and it extended eastwards on a distance of about m. A series of buildings 25 I. Also, the terrace found southwards from porta decumana of Pomet camp, where civilian buildings and the amphitheatre were found, was intensely humanized.

Important archaeological material was thus brought to light, including inscriptions, coins, fibulae, tegular material etc.


However, it never reached the status of colonia. Among the leaders of the city, besides the ordo decurionum, citizens gathering also played an important role, mentioned as respublica municipii Septimii Porolissensium on epigraphs. The direction of the Roman road inside the military complex of Porolissum is SE- NW going round the military camp on Pomat Hill on its north-western side.

This road appears also on the military map ski last minute suisse anti aging it can be easily used. The large camp of Porolissum is set at about m south of Moigrad village and ski last minute suisse anti aging about m from the isolated houses of Tamba family, in the area where a range of hills separates the archaeological territory from the village on its north and north-western side, the range including the Hill of Porcar, Comorii Hill, Ferice Hill, Ursoaia Hill and Goronişte Hill.

At the point where it crosses the earth mount, the Roman road leaves the archaeological complex through the northern entrance set between Ferice and Ursoaia Hills.

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Research was first performed on the main axis of the road inand in Considered from north to south, the Roman road accesses the complex, follows a smooth slope towards the camp, and mounts a rather steep slope up to the terrace where the Pomet camp is to be found.

From the northern edge of this terrace the road follows a horizontal path, parallel to the north-eastern side of the camp. The second part, south-east of the camp, passes on the fairly narrow terrace just 20 m wideand the road is set on its south-eastern side. The terrace has a slight inclination towards south-east; it is horizontal only at its eastern end, where it meets the terrace placed in front of the north-eastern side of the camp. The road descends from the gate towards east, on a smooth slope.

Via principalis went out by the porta principalis dextra, and turned eastwards in anti-imbatranire barcelona of the gate, towards Citeră.

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From the cemetery, the road was parallel to the valley of Pomăt up to Agrij Valley. Undoubtedly the secondary roads inside the complex must have been more numerous. The Roman road that went along the north-western border of Dacia Porolissensis, and started at Bologa and ended at Porolissum, was of great importance in the area. Meseş Mountains represented in Ancient times a natural barrier used wisely by the Romans, both as limes and defensive post.

Bărbulescu, M. Tribuna,ISBNs. Cocean, P. Coordonate majore. Fodorean, F. Rolul şi importanŃa toponimiei în cercetarea drumurilor antice, în Revista BistriŃei Napoca Star. Dacia Augusti Provincia. Crearea provinciei.

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Studiu topografic şi arheologic, în vol. Dacia Felix. Studia Michaeli Bărbulescu oblata, Ed. Tribuna, Cluj-Napoca.

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Studiu geomorfologic, arheologic şi topografic, în Studia Univ. Studia archaeologica et historica Nicolao Gudea dicata.

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Omagiu profesorului Nicolae Gudea la 60 de ani, Zalău. Gudea, N. Un complex arheologic daco-roman la marginea de nord a Imperiului Roman.

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Un complex daco-roman la marginea de nord a Imperiului Roman. Vama romană. Monografie arheologică. ContribuŃii la cunoaşterea sistemului vamal din provinciile dacice, Cluj-Napoca.

Он был озабочен и расстроен, но обратился к толпе с официальной открытой улыбкой: - Дамы и господа.

Irimuş, I. A, Petrea, D. Geology-Geography, nr. Editor Sorocovschi, V. Riscuri si catastrofe, Anul V, nr. Mac I. Corint, Bucureşti. The paper aims to assess the impact of environmental degradation sources on airborne dust and noise level in the residential areas around Ştefan cel Mare Street. To achieve this objective, 16 sampling points were chosen and measurements of equivalent sound level Leq and particulate matter PM concentrations were realized between May 25 and June 12, The values were correlated with the characteristics of functional areas oxygen-generating surfaces, built areas, road networkof air quality pollution sources structure and intensity of road traffic, condition of buildings, number of evacuation chimneys and of the receivers of environmental problems population, sensitive functional areas, vegetation.

The study emphasizes that the area crossed by Ştefan cel Mare Street is characterised by affected living conditions, as high levels of noise and PM concentrations have a notable influence over 7, inhabitants and three hospitals of national importance.