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Sources of income. Survival Strategies. Social Capital as tool to gain social capital or to reduce social distance Produse anti-îmbătrânire pentru investiții la începutul anilor 20 the previous paragraphs we can infer that the Roma of Nuşfalău have considerably limited possibilities or chances to apply for a workplace in the formal economy of the village or the nearby localities.

The numbers of that Roma who are full-right employees are very small and irrelevant.

Most of Roma are unemployed. For most of the families the only regular source of money is the CAP-pension of the elderly and the children's allowance. The Roma have developed a large scale of economic activities in order to survive, and some of these activities could be labelled as regular informal economic activities, nevertheless none of these activities can guarantee a regular income for the families.

The local families employ the Roma. The system of employing Roma is a complex one. Almost every Hungarian or Romanian family has employed a Roma person or family to carry out domestic work around the household. Among other strategies of the Roma to cope with their situation, I would mention the making of bricks the traditional workcraft of the Roma in Nuşfalăuthe illegal commerce of chemical substances, the commercialisation of non-financial aids, entertainment, gathering wild fruits, mushrooms, processing wall-nuts for the neighbouring wealthy Roma community of Boghis.

In the following paragraphs we will try to describe and to analyse two of survival strategies of the Roma. Finally, we will focus our attention on the problem of trust which is the connecting element of all informal strategies and through which we will be able to understand better the characteristics of the relation between Roma and non-Roma.

Godfathers Steven Sampson and Daphne Berdahl have emphasised the use of extensive social relations and networks needed for learning about, finding and acquiring scarce consumer goods. It is not unusual for a resident of Nuşfalău to become the godparent of a Gypsy child. Berkeley: University of Califormia Press, If the persons belong to different social categories, then the quality and the essence of the relationship is different from the real one.

Roma prefer seeking a godfather outside their community because through this they aim at linking the family to a strong clientele relationship in which, via the security that this relationship with the godfather brings, they can feel confident about asking for favours Jurassic book elvețian anti-îmbătrânire always paying the favour back, either through work on the agricultural land or with other services.

The institution of godfatherness can be understood as a strategy of a well-defined social group to survive. One determining factor of survival is that a person or a household should have all the possible social ties that they would need in their economical or social ascent.

This institution is based on reciprocity.

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The core issue of this relationship is neither the economic action itself, nor the reciprocity of gifts, but the reduction of social distances. Still, we should not lessen the importance of the economic aspect. The existence of a Gadjo godfather represents a relatively stable factor in the lives of the Roma. The institution of godfatherness has interiorized in such way, that the interviewed persons could not give answers to the direct questions regarding how they choose the godfather.

Gypsies are not friends with the Gadze; as we can see the Gadze does not trust the Gypsy, and their relationship can be described only in terms of client-patron. Because what they earn today, they drink it till night… and so… so we met, we talked. If they helped me, I paid them, because I had to pay 21 see: Tarrow, S. In International Sociology, Decembervol 14 4p.

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New York: John Wiley and Sons,p. After that they asked me if I would like to be the godmother of their child. And I asked myself, why not? We still keep in touch.

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That family from Brazilia is very decent. For example, if I need help for a work, I call them, so to be worthy for me and for them also. They called us, we liked them, so… I liked the way they behaved, how they looked, everything… She is educated, cultured. First, it might be an economic action through which the Roma gain access to more financial resources. Second, the fact that the Hungarians usually interpret the institution of godfatherness in traditional terms see Blau on real godfatherness this relationship allows the Roma to Jurassic book elvețian anti-îmbătrânire use of it gaining little material advantages, such as some gifts.

Thirdly, this kind of relationship has a latent function: that of transgressing the social distance. Yet, this does not mean that the social distance between the Roma family and the majority is reduced. This relationship is displayed in the face of other people. The fact that the child of a Gypsy family has a Gadjo godfather means that this family is not like other Roma, they are honourable.

As we have seen before, the non-Roma have îngrijire anti-îmbătrânire a pielii 2021 no informal relations with the Roma. Their interactions are limited to economic relations. The institution of godfatherness, the only one that can be interpreted as informal, has a different interpretation among Jurassic book elvețian anti-îmbătrânire residents.

Even if initially the non-Roma accept this relationship by virtue of an ethic Jurassic book elvețian anti-îmbătrânire religious consciousness, this relationship is gradually redefined in terms of informal economy. This way, the institution of godfatherness became a more subtle form of economic relation between non-Roma and Roma, or, in some cases, a consequence or condition of the same. Informal credit In the previous section we have seen how the Roma use the institution of godfatherness to gain access to work, income and material resource for surviving.

Respectively, these relations also represent a reference in establishing contacts with other persons whom the Roma will be able to make up an additional client-patron relation.

In this section we will focus our attention to another survival strategy of the Roma population of Nuşfalău, which neither can be categorized as singular nor representative only for the rural Roma population as it was documented also in poor urban areas. Poverty and lack of money forces many Roma to buy food and other products on credit.

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At the beginning of this practice, the shopkeeper were the one who settled the data of payments, but this proved to be ineffective as it gave occasions for misunderstandings, which led to distrust on behalf of the shopkeeper.

Being forced to continue his familial business — as the single source of income — he had changed the policy of his business and decided to go by his customers.

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Mainly Roma forms his clientele. One of the explanations could be that he has a stable circle of customers. The Roma buyers are faithful to him and make their payments in time because if they lose his trust they lose any access to basic necessities. For some of the inhabitants the existence of this list is the ultimate sign of poverty.

But — as we have seen — this was the sign of trust beneath poverty. Even if the written forms of contracts are considered as a sign of missing trust and the informal monitoring, in this case we have to remark the risk that these entrepreneurs assume.

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Trust is the only way they can minimize the risk they take. Often, family and friends beseech initially successful entrepreneurs for support.


The social capital of Jurassic book elvețian anti-îmbătrânire petitioners consists precisely in their right to demand and receive assistance from fellow group members. But in the process, as anthropologist Clifford Geertz has shown in his studies of Bali, promising economic initiatives fail to accumulate capital and turn into welfare hotels The shop is in fact formed of two rooms. One room is the Gypsy bar. Mainly Roma man attends this place in the afternoon.

It is a modest room where Roma man can drink some alcohol and smoke while they are discussing businesses. In fact it has the function of a communication knot there are more in the village. The first room is the grocery. This is the women's and children's place of meeting.

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They are not really allowed to enter the pub. The power of the List can be felt in both rooms. Only those who were accredited to be creditable can drink or smoke on credit.

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In the grocery they can buy on the list only the basic necessities of the household: potatoes, flour, margarine, bread, soap, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, pasta. This building is situated between the neighbourhood of Brazilia and Bakos, on the main road. Although the store has customers from the majority population also, mainly Roma forms it clientele.

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This could be also interpreted as a latent form of discrimination, as the interviews revealed clearly that the Hungarians and Romanians do not prefer to attend the same public places as the Roma. Thus, the shopkeeper has to build his business on the poor Roma population. Trust In terms of economic relations, trust is the basis of every Jurassic book elvețian anti-îmbătrânire.

In case of formal relations, trust is also formalized.

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It is legalized by contracts and underwriting. In case of informal relations, the formality was replaced by verbal formulas, which are considered a part of cultural expressions. Those who are unable to conform to these norms are declared potentially suspect. This is what happens in the relation between Roma and non-Roma Jurassic book elvețian anti-îmbătrânire Nuşfalău.

The non-Roma legitimize their distant attitudes towards Roma as elefant creme de fata group referring to the lack of trust. The social distance between Gypsies and Gadze depends on the level of trust. Every relationship between Gypsies and Gadze functions on the basis of a set of non-written rules.

Living and acting according to these rules, the trust between them is guaranteed.

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Thus one can lose the only source of income: for example working as day-laborer for a Hungarian family. The subject of the sanctions is not only that person who has lost the trust; moreover, the sanctions are extended to the whole Roma family stigmatizing each and every member of the family irrespective of their previous relation. The Roma of Bacos are represented in a positive way and the majority inhabitants show a higher level of trust towards them, at least on discursive level. However this discourse materializes in positive attitudes or in reduced social distance only in a few cases.