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Situated in the northeastern portion of the Balkan Peninsula, the country is halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Romania is located in the south east of Central Europe on the Danube lower course. The country is bordered to the north by Ukraine; to the east by Moldova; to the southeast by the Black Sea; to the south by Bulgaria; to the southwest by Serbia and Montenegro; and to the west by Hungary. Bucharest, in the south, is the largest and capital city. The terrain of Romania is almost evenly divided between hills, mountains, and plains, mountains dominating the center and northwest, and plains covering the south and east.

These measures converge to the common purpose of the national and European authorities to have a unified view over the globalised banking sector as well as to re-enforce their role in financial stability.

Also, inthe enforcement of the cooperation and harmonization framework in a new collaboration step under the Viena European Initiative for Banking Coordination 2.

intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging

This initiative sets up a better cooperation between the regulators in the origin European countries and those in host-countries for the purpose of preventing erratic financial dealing.

The International Standards assume that the allowances for loans are to be recorded as a consequence of a default event, while the former national regulations imposed that allowances were recorded based on expected losses. This used to lead to the ex ante recognition of losses in the financial statements, i. The concern was that, with the transition to IFRS, banks would increase their profits and thus improve their own funds position in the calculation of capital adequacy ratios.

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This was prevented by the NBR through the Order 26 issued in Decemberwhich sets the framework for reporting of prudential filters, starting with January Based on the analysis performed on financial reporting as at 31 December and 31 MarchNBR decided to maintain prudential filters after 1 January as well.

Additional measures taken by NBR were targeted to the monitoring of correct capitalization of risks in the Romanian banking sector.

intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging

Capitalization was, in like in previous periods, assured by the shareholders. These restructurings did not affect the capitalization ratios and did not assume state intervention.

The net increases in the social capital of banks reached EUR million in the first semester of The solvency ratio reached a level of perroy swiss anti aging The level of non-performing loans NPLs continued to grow in rising from a level of The growth is due, in part, to the introduction of IFRS, whereby banks are obliged to recognize losses from loans previously recognized off-balance sheets.

intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging

Also, inbanks re-valued the performance of customers whose loans they had re-structured in previous years. The transition to IFRS has been followed-up by the National Bank through the requirement of prudential filters, whereby banks are required to compute solvency ratios based on recognition criteria that are stricter than the ones required by IFRS.

intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging

The latest stress-testing results show, that on a two years horizon, the Romanian banking entities have the capacity to overcome strong macro-economic shocks.

These tests show that in the adverse scenario case where Romania re-enters the recession and the national currency incur heavy devaluation against foreign currencies, the solvency ratio would drop to Inbanks continued to record a majority of mortgage loans in their balance sheet.

The mortgage loans granted to individuals in grew by RON 13 billion between January and June A similar situation occurs for mortgage loans granted to companies.

intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging

The non performing loans have increased by Banks continue to support this sector by re-scheduling and restructuring the loans granted to developers. Banks continue also to grant new finance to this sector, as they believe that the market was not fully matured at the inception of the economic crisis, and it could intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging from where it has left, back in Their beliefs is consolidated by the intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging in the construction and real-estate industry where there has been a raise in volume of work as well as an increase in number of employees and investment projects.

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Other analysts state, however, that this sector is still to fall, as construction authorizations have decreased in the previous 18 months. The other major event in was the set-up of the legislative framework of the bridge bank.

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This is an instrument used by NBR to intervene promptly when one of the banks faces problems that might spread to the entire banking system. If such an event occurs, the NBR will immediately suspend the mandates of the problem-bank management and transfer all assets and liabilities to a newly formed entity — the bridge bank. This entity will have a two-tier administration board, the members of the Board being elected by NBR.

The unique shareholder of this new entity will be the Banks Deposits Guarantee Fund who will also finance this new bank from its own private resources.

Considerăm important să insistăm aici asupra anumitor scăderi şi concepţii greşite ale oamenilor vremurilor noastre, pe care nu le recunosc ca încălcări ale Legii Evanghelice. Tinderea către viaţa lipsită de osteneli şi de dureri O suferinţă gravă a oamenilor contemporani, chiar şi a credincioşilor, este lipsa dispoziţiei de a ridica şi de a-şi duce propria cruce şi de a-L urma pe Mântuitorul nostru Cel Răstignit. Vrem binecuvântarea lui Dumnezeu, vrem pacea lui Dumnezeu, vrem cununile mântuirii, vrem raiul, îi cinstim pe sfinţi şi pe mucenici, dar nu vrem pătimirea celor rele, nu vrem postul şi strâmtorarea înfrânării, nu răbdăm încercările şi bolile, nu suferim plecarea din viaţa aceasta a celor dragi nouă, nu suportăm nedreptăţile şi izgonirile. Confortul şi consumismul influenţează cadrul vieţii noastre duhovniceşti. Când vrei să te apropii să slujeşti Domnului Dumnezeu, găteşte-ţi sufletul tău spre ispită.

Public funding could also be provided in the form of loans granted by the Ministry of Finance to the Fund. The new entity will function for a period of two years when the NBR should be able to find a new investor willing to take-over the assets and liabilities.

intesa sanpaolo private banking suisse anti aging

This period could be prolonged if no such investor is found by the end of the two-year period. The troubled bank from which the assets and liabilities are taken over will be liquidated, as NBR will annul its authorization.


Once the world economy will start to recover from the outcome of the financial crisis, the investors will begin to look for new investment opportunities, but with a keener eye to regulated markets. Also, by functioning in this new regulatory framework, the banks themselves will re-educate their investment choices and will perhaps learn to identify and finance those healthy sectors of the real economy.