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Quality Conf Co. was founded in 2001 by the leading experts of ready-to-wear industry. Their purpose was to establish a well-equipped plant for quality work only,where the most qualified and experienced working force,strenghtened by the young generation,can cope with the requirements on all levels.. The important quality-quantity factor of production has become verifiable with the help of computers.
The plant managed to fulfill the expected results.In a short period of time it has become known and appreciated on the market of ready-to-wear industry both at home and in Germany or Italy. From among our partners here are some that are worth mentioning: Kemper from Krefeld,Brandt from Kassel or Montana (Betty Barclay) from Heidelberg. Besides these companies we have eastablished good relations with the Italian Via Perle company as well. Our monthly production reaches 4-5,000 pieces. These are mainly men's and women's quality wool-coats, anoraks, jackets, waitscoats, blazers etc. Our aim is to further expand and develop the company, therefore we would welcome our future partners. For those who are interested we can provide more details in four languages (English, German, Romanian, Hungarian).
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