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January I am afraid. I am afraid of people and of things that might take me out of my comfort zone. Today I have decided to face them.

I signed up for a theatre workshop and I am going to a loft never visited before as we speak. I am writing this with my eyes into my phone screen so that nobody guesses my fear, my frustration and my rush.

I open the door and look closely to the people sitting at the tables. To my left, a girl and a boy have laid their eyes on me. We tell our names, I take out my own from my backpack and put it in the middle of the table. We start smoking without talking while each of us looks in a different direction. Twenty minutes pass. This is who we were when we decided we wanted to find out our true selves.

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For two whole years we have been sharing everything and finally discovered who we are, but more importantly, who we are not. For two years I went to all acting and drama classes on an almost daily basis, classes which took place in lofts, bars, restaurants, theatres, gardens, parks or any other place where we were welcome.

A workshop lasted for six hours or more. It was a place where I loved and when later on hated, where I screamed as loud as I wanted, where I learnt to look everybody in their eyes instead of avoiding it, where I went off the hook, where I laughed my head off, where I hugged dozens of people in one day and where I let myself be vulnerable.

After each workshop I stayed even more, for more than half a day, with all the others over cups of coffee that would be refilled every couple of hours.

We shared food, we bought each other drinks when somebody ran out of money without asking for it back, we walked each other home because that was what felt normal. Moreover, our faces have never expressed so many expressions in such a short interval of time. Game Room What determined us to come there, even if our close ones kept telling us, joking or imaginastudio swiss anti aging, that we were part of a sect? It was the vulnerability that we saw in the others or the fact that we noticed the change that had occurred in the short span of only six months.

Regarding Imaginastudio swiss anti aging, our trainer at the drama workshops, I never knew too much but we were always curious on knowing why he never gave up on this project, not even when the whole world was against him.

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What inspired him to go on? Write about yourself I rayonnement solaire suisse anti aging my eyes and the first word that pops into my mind for describing him is discipline.

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From the moment you walked into the room, you realized you were better off without street shoes or heels and instead take them off or even stay barefoot if you had nothing to change into. He drove us mad. He followed our every move.

Well, below there is an introduction — the exhibition statement in English, maybe a bit abstract but I think it sets the mood for the show. The show itself is has various elements including and Out Of Place artefact discovered in Romania during the s that I got enamored during my youth. It is the so-called Robot Foot from Aiud and was initially dated as being

Otherwise, you would hear Sorin telling you that going home is compulsory if you have no intention in taking the matter seriously. It was either us or him that left the room. At the end of the day we used to sit down at a table, order our drinks, roll our eyes as we recounted how we fret our gizzards that time as well. We knew that at one point, like a good coach, he would make us swallow our fear of water and just swim. This is why on a regular Tuesday I put two recorders on a table and grabbed my plate and coffee cup closer.

Sit down somewhere in the room and turn off your phone! Take off your street shoes! Look only at the one on the stage!

The lights go off. This is how it begins. From the self-taught biologist to the 15 year old journalist Felines. Puma, jaguar, cheetah, leopard, tiger. At four he copied details about their life from the Zoological Atlas and wrote them in block letters in a notebook.

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He brought home lizards to study them and leaves from his backyard to analyze them through a microscope in the biology laboratory.

All he wanted was to become a biologist. That was imaginastudio swiss anti aging he was taught the subject at school. The way he describes his teen years, melancholically, sipping slowly his black coffee and dazing into Calea Victoriei says more than a thousand words. It was a depressing time when communicating and empathising with people was a rarity. From that moment on, Sorin decided he fiole antirid vichy become a journalist, just like his father.

When he saw the players from the 4th League play games with teams from the countryside he noticed what doing something with passion really meant.

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Those people loved the game. They went all the way to Todiresti, many times the field was on a slope or with imaginastudio swiss anti aging. Carriages or flocks of geese went right through the middle of the field. It was just passionate people. He liked to comment 4th League games as if they were championship matches. He was a correspondent of Iasi Radio and ProSport.

The latter had promised him a job when he would come to college. But after he imaginastudio swiss anti aging an investigation on the lack of correctness of the President of the County Football Association of Vaslui when he was 15, he gave up on his dream of becoming a journalist.

This was a definite conclusion as somebody came looking for him at the radio station with a cleaver after one of the football players who he had investigated was found guilty in a local conflict.

When he was in the 10th grade he wanted to become exactly like the Hollywood artists they showed on MTV Cribs. But not for the money or cars. I just thought they have this laid back way of being. Artists were Mihai Eminescu and the Vaslui poet Ion Enache a clone of Paunescuwith long hair, who drank all the time and recited with a certain delirium.

That was when he thought for the first time of becoming an actor. Documentaries on biology and felines were the only ones which truly compelled him. Curiosity for this domain appeared later on.

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He wanted to pass the Bucharest exam, although his teacher told him he would only have a chance at Cluj. Starting 13, he went every summer in a literary creation camp called Young Quills. He drank his first beers with them and imaginastudio swiss anti aging the camp by having a seditious radio program, joking on those who used too many metaphors or had parents publishing their books.

Without noticing that something was not alright, he worked for a year on a monologue from Romeo and Juliet. Precisely, it was the moment when Romeo finds her in a crypt. According to directing indications, Juliet was a white sheet. Just like in cartoons. I saw her and oh, I fell on my knees. That was how he prepared me for my exam. One month before the exam, he went to an improvisation class in Sinaia, where the teacher was Vlad Massaci.

In the last few weeks, he worked with the actor Nicolae Iliescu, the first teacher he appreciated for stressing the idea that one must talk normally on stage and let things happen to you without forcing them. The text tells itself. On the day of the exam he felt disarmed. His mother advised him to enroll in the courses of the Foreign Languages Faculty in Iasi, but he preferred to play his last hand.

Everything was awkward in that waiting room where we all waited for the first test, everybody was showing off their repertoir in order to intimidate the others. Everybody knew poems. Those guys were singing opera.

Toate liniile de program pun sub semnul întrebării validitatea și funcționalitatea limitărilor și granițelor, investigând rolul corpului uman în actul artistic, reprezentarea genurilor în artă, determinarea culturală a spațiilor urbane sau ubicuitatea spațiului european. Să întâlnești pe cineva este primul pas al procesului de găzduire, totodată și un pas în afara zonei de confort. Liniile de program menționate mai jos sunt reflexive și se bazează mai mult pe observație și pe cercetare artistică decât pe acțiune sau implicare. De aceea, în următoarele programe, ca și în alte evenimente și activități prevăzute în programările noastre, propunem un dialog vibrant cu o varietate de spații culturale, din Africa până în America de Sud și Asia. BugeT eSTimaT:

I had a song from Vama VecheI could hardly hum it, although I had to sing something all the way through. Or maybe it was a sign. Adrian Pintea was among the first commission. I remember that in this anxiety bioderma atoderm intensive gel de dus had overwhelmed me, he was supporting me.

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He liked it, he encouraged me right away and that mattered to me deeply. That was when my text went pretty well, receiving good energy from him. This is how I passed my first test. And not only the first, but also all the others. The impossible student Sorin was part of the last generation who had as a coordinating teacher the actor and director Ion Cojar of whom he always thought of as a generous man you had a lot to learn from.

He could talk a lot. He aimed at taking you in this zone of maximum vulnerability and he was especially able in unblocking your empathy towards your character.

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One of the lessons received was that choosing not to expose, hiding behind forms is one of the greatest mistakes you can make. Give me a man with whom something is happening, he loves, he hates, he suffers, give me something I can recognize myself in. If you look at Sorin as he is feverishly gesticulating, going from one emotion to another, changing his tone, his mimic or tapping with his fingers on the table, you will see just how much he believes in what he says.

File and save to read later if you are busy as this is a rare review of the history of Zionism with it's zigs and zags and detractors external and internal. The white supremacism thing is a bit over done.

If during the workshops at Write about You I heard him raising his voice at us because we imaginastudio swiss anti aging street shoes on and not some spare ones, when he was in college he was the one wearing boots instead of the adequate equipment. Now he knows why his teachers asked him this and he has the same requests from his own students. He had a long way to go before becoming responsible for his own acts.

It all started with his rebellious attitude as a freshman student.

He came there to get rid of his emotional blockages but their effect intensified as he was onstage because in that moment it was easier to acknowledge. Gradually, he gave up his obsession with mental control and learned how to let myself carried away by his instinct. Until his last year of college, he started paying attention to everything that meant acting technique.

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I trusted me, I had imaginastudio swiss anti aging trust that nothing bad can happen onstage and that you just have to go and all the rest comes naturally. And it did. And it does.

Books, Vinyls and Rock'n'Roll

But it is a state in which you let things happen to you. I earned a sort of tranquility. A tranquility to work and not be scared. I still had a complex. Who am I, somebody from Vaslui, somebody who kissed that sheet for a year, who am I to be an actor? I am nobody. Here comes the internal critic to demount everything.