How to slow down aging

how to slow down aging

Descriere A ground breaking book on how to slow down the aging process A ground breaking book on the history of Telomeres offering fresh advice on how to slow down aging and lengthen life.

Nobel prize winning Doctor Elizabeth Blackburn and leading health psychologist Dr Elissa Epel have discovered biological markers called Telomeres which can help to understand how healthy our cells are and what we can do to improve them. The book specifically looks ideas including; how biological age is not chronological how to slow down aging a biological basis for the mind-body connection, how sleep and diet can affect telomeres and shockingly how mothers who are highly stressed during pregnancy have children with shorter telomeres.

how to slow down aging

It also offers tools and advice on how to determine cellular age and telomere health. Elissa Epel is a leading health psychologist who has conducted pioneering research uncovering the psychobiological mechanisms related to how stress ages us and compromises our health-from emotional eating to unhealthy storage of abdominal fat to telomere shortening.

How to slow down the effects of aging

Blackburn won a Nobel Prize for her discovery of telomeres: caps at the end of each strand of DNA that play an essential role in the ageing process. Epel is a psychologist who researches specific lifestyle habits which protect our telomeres, thus slowing down disease and lengthening life. It is co-authored by Elizabeth Blackburn, a Nobel Prize winner for her research into telomeres, the part of our chromosomes that determine how quickly our cells age and die.

Descriere The Keto diet first gained fame amongst athletes and bodybuilders with its effective fat-burning and muscle-building benefits. Today, the benefits of a ketogenic diet are evident for people over 50 and beyond as well, such as: - Improved mental and cognitive health - Contributing to the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer's disease - Alleviating the symptoms of menopausal women - Natural, effective weight-loss whilst maintaining muscle mass - Improving sleep quality, helping the body's recovery - Increased strength and alertness - And more.

This is her attempt, along with the health psychologist Elissa Epel's, to translate the scientific lessons thus learned into 'language for the general reader'. She has done a compelling job. The book's central message is that telomeres shorten as we age, and this underlying mechanism contributes to most diseases of ageing.

how to slow down aging

The good news is that your lifestyle choices can do a lot to counteract it I predict that the T-word will soon be on everyone's lips.