Firewall-uri anti-imbatranire cisco, Messages 410001 to 450001

An institution to keep a record of shunning activity was allowed.

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Recommended Action None required. The other addresses and ports are optional and are used to terminate the connection if available.

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A shunned host cannot pass traffic on the interface on which it is shunned. For example, an external host on the Internet can be shunned on the outside interface.

Configuration of Cisco ASA Firewall

A record of the activity of shunned hosts was provided. Try to reclaim memory and reapply a shun manually, or wait for the Cisco IPS to do this.

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This may be a temporary condition caused by slight differences in aging of SAs between the IPsec peers, or it may be because the local SAs have been cleared. It may also indicate incorrect packets sent by the IPsec peer, which may be part of an attack.

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This message is rate limited to no more than one message every five seconds. Recommended ActionThe peer may not acknowledge that the local SAs have been cleared. If a new connection is established from the local router, the two peers may then reestablish connection successfully.

Otherwise, if the problem occurs for more than a brief period, either attempt to establish a new connection or contact the peer administrator. The peer is sending packets that do not match the negotiated security policy, which may indicate an attack.

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ExplanationA decapsulated IPsec packet does not match the negotiated identity. The peer is sending other traffic through this security association, which may be caused by a security association selection error by the peer, or it may be part of an attack.

The IPsec peer is sending unencapsulated packets.

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This error can occur because of a policy setup error on the peer. For example, the firewall may be configured to only accept encrypted Telnet traffic to the outside interface port If you attempt to use Telnet without IPsec encryption to access the outside interface on port 23, this message appears, but firewall-uri anti-imbatranire cisco with Telnet or traffic to the outside interface on ports other than This error can also indicate an attack.

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This message is not generated except under these conditions for example, it is not generated for traffic to the ASA interfaces themselves. Explanation Firewall-uri anti-imbatranire cisco decapsulatd IPsec packet included an IP fragment with an offset less than or equal to bytes. The latest version of the security architecture for IP RFC recommends bytes as the minimum IP fragment offset to prevent reassembly attacks. This may be part of an attack. ExplanationAn IPsec packet was received with an invalid sequence number.

The peer is sending packets including sequence numbers that may have been previously used. This message indicates that an IPsec packet has been received with a sequence number outside of the acceptable window.

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This packet will be dropped by IPsec as part of a possible attack. Explanation An IPsec packet was received and failed authentication.

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The packet is dropped. The packet may have been corrupted in transit, or the peer may be sending invalid IPsec packets, which may indicate an attack if many of these packets were received from the same peer. Explanation An IPsec packet to be decapsulated was received and subsequently dropped by the IPsec subsystem.

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Explanation A packet to be encapsulated in IPsec was received and subsequently dropped by the IPsec subsystem. Explanation An error was detected while running a crypto command with a hardware accelerator, which may indicate a problem with the accelerator. This type of error may occur for a variety of reasons, and this message supplements the crypto accelerator firewall-uri anti-imbatranire cisco to help determine the cause.

Explanation The crypto hardware chip has reported a fatal error, indicating that the chip is inoperable.

Messages 400000 to 409128

The information from this message captures the details to allow further analysis of the problem. The crypto chip is reset when this condition is detected to unobtrusively allow the ASA to continue functioning.

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Also, the crypto environment at the time this issue is detected is written to a crypto archive directory on flash to provide further debugging information.