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This book is protected by copyright. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including photocopying or utilised any information storage and retrieval system without written permision from the copyright owner. We start from the premise that the urban space is related to este posibil să netezi ridurile architecture of postmodern dwelling places in the city and space and that space is produced, constructed through and embedded echappement a ancre suisse anti aging peculiar spatial and walking practices which the postmodern writer works with and incorporates in his work so as to render one of the essential features of the postmodern world he lives in.

Our main objective is to understand how the city is conceptualized as future science-fictional space or as space of uncertainty in Postmodern English-American and French literary communication. In this paper, we aim to explore how urban space can be related to subjective and implicit engagements and perceptions by the postmodern mind and body, through its sensations and perceptions, starting from a corpus of English-American and French novels by: Ray Bradbury, Curt Siodmak, Alison Lurie, Julien Gracq and Jacques Réda.

We assert that urban space relies on conceptual metaphors related to peculiar spatial representations in order to describe what is conceived and perceived by the postmodern writers and characters from our corpus of novels. Our objective is to organize conceptualizations of urban space into several categories of cognitive metaphors related to the urban space, using a model inspired by the research of Lakoff and Johnson Keywords: city of the imagination, cognitive metaphors, images, perception, postmodern literary communication, representation, spaces of uncertainty 1.

Introduction Paths, alleys, towns and cities are referred to as places or spaces or bringing about peculiar landscapes; consequently, their meanings are hard to assimilate.

Francais Roumain

But places and spaces are ways of seeing, understating, knowing, grasping, 9 11 seizing the world around us. We guess the existence of worlds of meaning and spatial experience, we understand that there are attachments, connections and interrelations between places, spaces and people.

To think of urban space or of a portion of space as an intricate and complicated interaction between individuals and their environment equates with grasping this area of the world as place which is not thought of in terms of mere facts, numbers and figures anymore, but as a web of meanings and as a way of gaining knowledge of the world.

Echappement a ancre suisse anti aging experience of any urban space and place through the five senses cannot be separated from the social, hipnoterapie anti-imbatranire and psychological environment in which the individuals live.

If to understand any place and place within the urban realm equates with feeling or experiencing space and place, we must be aware of the fact that each individual, each city inhabitant might experience the sensations in a different manner, and remember, conceive and perceive space and place differently.

Consequently, places and spaces within the urban landscape are most of the time linked to peculiar perceptions, to subjective attitudes of appropriating space and place and to the relationship that inhabitants of passengers maintain with the particular spaces of living.

Starting from a comparative approach to space in Postmodern English- American and French literature, we contend that we can easily acknowledge urban space as a product of intersections and interrelations.

Consequently, we assert echappement a ancre suisse anti aging the urban space that emerges in postmodern fiction is also conceived through all kinds of interactions, starting from the immensity of the global to the most intimately flyspeck dwelling place. Under the influence of globalization, the urban space is perceived, conceived and thought of in three chief traits: 1 space is produced and constructed through interrelations; 2 the postmodern urban space opens the possibility of the existence of multiplicity in the sense of contemporaneous plurality Massey; 3 the urban space is continuously being constructed and reconstructed by postmodern writers, citizens, inhabitants, passengers and by their experience of specific places.

For us readers to better understand the way images of the city are created and how the construction of urban space is conveyed through visual representations, a useful starting point is to see that the city is defined through a rich urban imagery and a wide gel de curatare piele sensibila of conceptual metaphors in postmodern English-American and French literature.

echappement a ancre suisse anti aging

Starting from an anthropologic-cognitive approach, using Lakoff and Johnson s model and the comparatist method, we assert that, within our corpus of study, the most recurrent urban space metaphors are those of the urban space as multisensory human being, as satellite, as setting and as space of uncertainty. Imagining the city and representing the city.

Spatial identity landmarks and visual representations of city space Becoming familiar with the urban landscapes of postmodern writers is synonym for the reader to find and discover himself within a yielding space, endowed with indefinite outlines where the uncertain and the improbable become possible.

It is a space whose identity is defined by boundaries which are transgressed and by differences which are blurred or lack consistency. Displacement and the lack of stable landmarks are generated by the omnipresence of intruder agents which eventually lead to the dismantling of common behaviours or routines of both passengers and inhabitants of dwelling places.

These intruders might as well be represented by human noises and by stains, odours of fire, meteorite or metal.

As common metaphor of urban imaginary, the intruder does not only symbolize the propensity to the nonobservance of established order, but it could also symbolize the desire to change one s own way of judging space, the relations between individuals inside space as well as the structure and reaction of the human body in space and the perception of space projected from the body and bodily experience.

The writers and the characters representation of the urban space as well as the readers perception are rendered unconventional and consequently, they trespass common, current and traditional geographical and spatial categories, so that they bring about a series of metamorphoses that occur as though they are shaped by unusual spatial landmarks.

This new perspective on the urban landscape in postmodern English-American and French fiction is reflected by a wide array of metaphors in relationship to the urban space. One of the recurrent metaphors found in our corpus of study is that of the urban space as multi-sensory human being instantly detecting these intruders or as body organ nose Cities of the imagination.

The urban space as multi-sensory human being One of the recurrent metaphors found in our corpus of study is that of the city as human being endowed with a multi-sensory body.


The organicistanimist metaphor compares the city to a live organism with its own organs such as ears and nostrils.

The imaginary city in Ray Bradbury s science-fiction is not only compared to a multi-sensory human being, waiting for the planet to follow its race within space, but it also gradually identifies with an organ whose tissues are woven in the heart of its shaped network of avenues and dwelling places, while the black-walled buildings of the waiting city are perceived as olfactory membranes where the sense of smell is mediated by specialized sensory cells of a nasal cavity whose layers lie deep within the pores of grim concrete walls: La ville dégagea des narines secrètes dans ses murs noirs et l air régulièrement aspiré souffla en trombe dans les profondeurs des conduits, à travers des filtres et des dépoussiéreurs, jusqu à une série de membranes et de toiles délicates et argentées.

L aspiration continue apporta les odeurs du pré. BradburyThe secret nostrils of the city are hidden inside the black walls and the air regularly inhaled by the urban body is afterwards breathed out within the depths of pipes, through filters and dust arrestors, till it reaches a series of membranes and delicate silver web threads. The suction is capable of bringing together a bouquet of wild meadow odours.

Strangely though it might seem, this odour mixture does not smell anymore of wild herbs and flowers, of hay and countryside dust, but of gas, sulphur, copper, fire, meteorite and hot metal.

Odeur de feu, de météore, de métal chaud. Une fusée est arrivée d un autre monde.

Brăescu I., Bercescu S. - Învăţaţi limba franceză fără profesor

Odeur de cuivre, odeur poussiéreuse de la poudre brûlée, du soufre, des gaz d échappement. The large urban nostrils are hence dilating again so as to seize and identify the odour of the Others.

echappement a ancre suisse anti aging

Hundreds or thousands of urban olfactory receptors bind to a specific molecular feature and odour molecules are endowed with a variety of features that excite particular receptors and disseminate the specific odour of the Other which is strangely the odour echappement a ancre suisse anti aging butter. L odeur du beurre. Venant des hommes qui s avançaient avec précaution, les effluves se décomposèrent à l intérieur du Nez en souvenirs de matières grasses, de fromage, de crème glacée, senteurs d une économie laitière.

In the urban brain, olfaction is primed, processed and treated by the olfactory system; once the olfactory receptor neurons in the nose of the living city have disseminated the fragrances of a dairy economy, the odours of the Other coming from another planet are decomposed inside the urban Nose into a recollection of terrestrial odour memory, into souvenirs of fat vegetable matter, of butter, cheese, ice cream.

The olfactory receptor neurons differ from the other urban body neurons in that once they have died, they cannot regenerate fast enough. Consequently, the urban organism blocks the functioning of the olfactory system which proves at this stage useless and activates another sense that is hearing. The Ears of the city are awoken and they listen to the sound of the Others, to the bitter cries of celestial travelers that are cast out not only onto the city but also into the infinite space of silver stars and blackness: Au son de ces mots aboyés, les Oreilles s éveillèrent.

echappement a ancre suisse anti aging

Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Vous n avez jamais eu l impression d avoir déjà vu un endroit? Hé bien, cette ville paraît familière, trop, même.

echappement a ancre suisse anti aging

As ventilators are exhaling and retaining the air, the living city distinguishes the tobacco odour breathed out by the mouths of individuals, as well as it seizes the soapy scent of their hands and the peculiar odour of their eye globes.

After a last analysis carried out by the living urban organism, after having touched, felt, heard, smelt, seen and tasted the Other, the city must accomplish a daunting task.

A trap is thus opened inside the alley and inside the stomach of the city where the captain of the racket from outer space disappears. The readers might ask themselves what is to happen with him. Before digesting him, the urban human being performs a sinister operation on his body: the captain is hung upside nr.

învăţaţi Limba Franceză Fără Profesor

7 revizuire a cremei anti-îmbătrânire, a razor cuts his throat, another razor cuts through his chest and stomach, his carcass is emptied of his guts and bowels, he lies on a table in a secret operating room underneath the 13 15 street. Giant crystal urban microscopes analyze his muscular fibers and mechanic hands resembling those of a quick-minded chess player on a chessboard examine his heart and his skin.

While measurements are performed by the vengeful living city so as to take the celestial traveler s body temperature and cut his heart into several sections, as well as his liver and kidneys, his blood begins to flow over the vials and phials of the murderous urban entity which shakes it, centrifuges and displays it on strips and exposes it to further scrutiny under the sparkling glass of urban microscopes.

Une dernière analyse, et la ville, après avoir écouté observé, goûté, senti, pesé, doit accomplir une tâche ultime. Le capitaine disparut; les autres, qui couraient, ne s en aperçurent pas. Pendu par les pieds, un rasoir lui ouvrant la gorge, un autre la poitrine et l abdomen, sa carcasse instantanément vidée de ses entrailles, allongé sur une table dans une salle secrète sous la rue, le capitaine trépassa.

De grands microscopes à cristal scrutèrent les fibres musculaires; des doigts mécaniques sondèrent le cœur qui battait encore. Les lambeaux de sa peau furent épinglés à la table, tandis que des mains articulées disséquèrent les différentes parties du corps comme un joueur d échecs rapide et curieux qui déplace ses pions et ses pièces.

Au-dessus, les hommes couraient, après Smith, en criant. Smith criait aussi, et au-dessous d eux, dans cette étrange salle d opération, le sang s écoulait dans des ampoules, pour y être secoué, centrifugé, étalé sur des lamelles, exposé sous d autres microscopes; les echappement a ancre suisse anti aging étaient effectuées, les températures mesurées, le cœur découpé en sections, le foie et les reins partagés avec art.

Le crâne fut trépané, l encéphale dégagé, les nerfs retirés, les muscles allongés à la limite élastique; tandis que dans la centrale souterraine de la ville, le Cerveau établit enfin le grand total et tout le mécanisme fit halte, monstrueusement.


In its turn, the living city proves to be the realm of Vengeance, on the Planet of Darkness, at the foot of the Mount of Dead. Once it stops performing experiments on the Others, the living city might become a balance, an antenna, a crucible meant to not only to analyze, but also to accommodate and accept the Others or the future voyagers from space. Et le nom de cette ville était et il est encore Vengeance, sur la 14 16 planète des Ténèbres, au bord de la Mer des Siècles, au pied du Mont des Morts; tout cela est très poétique.

Cette ville était destinée à être une balance, un creuset, une antenne, pour analyser tous les futurs voyageurs de l espace. Cities of the imagination. The city as satellite With science-fictional author Curt Siodmak, in the City in the Sky, we become familiar with the metaphor of the city as satellite.