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    Armindeni has been celebrated by Romanians on "First Day of May" decorating their homes including pillars and doors with garlands of spring flowers, willow's and lilac's branches in bloom.

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    In some communities, women and children wore the traditional amulets of spring " martisoare " until the first day of May at the feast of "Arminden" when is supposed to tie the martisor's tread to a blossoming spring tree with the belief that all the wishes would come true.

    The tradition said that Arminden marks also the celebration of forming grains in ears of the wheat and people used to bake a special bread decorated with poppy seeds and leaves.

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    Bread with poppy seeds and scented leaves - traditional for Armindeni's Holiday Many of us have been forgotten about Arminden's tradition, and used to associate the May 1st with the annual celebration of workers. Indeed, the slogan of the day:" Workers of the world, unite!

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    Google Doodle for The International Day of Remembrance and Action for Workers My article want just to bring to your attention a different meaning of May Day, in case you didn't already know.